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Mortuary Funeral Home in Rockford Expenses

Jan 20, 2021 | Blog Posts, Mortuary Funeral Home in Rockford

Most people arranging a funeral use the services of a mortuary funeral home in Rockford. The funeral director is either the owner of a funeral property or, far more commonly, an employee of a large corporate-owned chain of funeral properties. In most instances, the funeral director’s compensation is tied to the profits he generates for the funeral house or the sales commissions he earns by selling associated goods and solutions.

The funeral director’s most important responsibility is generating earnings for the funeral house. Regrettably, this usually implies the funeral director’s primary objective is to raise the number of expenses you devote in the funeral home, leaving cemetery and headstone expenses as a separate expense for the family members. This is why the typical funeral service is publicized as costing $6,000 since the family frequently pays about $6,000 towards the funeral director.

Plan A Reasonably Priced Funeral

Luckily funeral arrangement is one area in which a little education makes a huge difference. There are actually quite a few factors you can do that will make it easier to plan a far more reasonably priced funeral or cremation service. Here are 3 standard methods in choosing a low-priced funeral household, reasonably priced goods and solutions, and not becoming afraid to negotiate.

Selecting A Low-Priced Mortuary Funeral Home in Rockford

When most funeral homes present similar services, they usually price their services differently. As an example, Funeral Property A could charge big for the funeral director’s time and add a little markup around the price of a casket; although Funeral Property B could charge a smaller charge for the funeral director’s time, then make up for it by charging a substantially larger price for the casket.

Pick Reasonably Priced Goods and Solutions

Most families have no idea what funeral goods and services expenses are, nor do they think about how large the funeral director’s markup is on the goods and solutions they purchase. It’s prevalent for funeral properties to mark up their goods’ price by 300% to 500%. These markups can add thousands of dollars to the funeral home’s bill. Buyers are often richly rewarded with substantial savings by understanding which funeral goods and solutions are needed and figuring out just how much these prices of goods and services are for the mortuary funeral home in Rockford.

An essential to very affordable funeral organizing is understanding how the service you select impacts the funeral’s general price. By way of example, picking out body burial implies you will have to obtain a casket, outer burial container, cemetery space, and a headstone.

Do Not Be Afraid to Negotiate

The death of a loved one is amongst the most stressful scenarios any of us will ever encounter. Not only do we’ve got to deal with the emotional baggage and grieving that is a standard part of losing a loved one, but we are forced to square off against a well-polished funeral home employee working towards a sizable sales commission.

Don’t be afraid to inform the funeral director you’ll acquire certain funeral goods from a different supplier instead of shopping for them from the funeral home. Because the funeral director realizes you could get several of his goods significantly less expensive someplace else, he is going to be ready and prepared to supply a knowledgeable family a substantial discount off of his list rates to be able to retain their business enterprise.


I have been working in the funeral industry since 1992. Before receiving my license, I worked with my father for 8 years at our local funeral home. He taught me the importance of serving families with dignity and respect. It is not just a business, it is a calling.


Respectful, quality service means attention to detail, affordable funeral options, and exceptional locations to honor your loved one. I am available to my families before, during, and after the services.


Funerals do not need to be expensive. Families should not suffer financially while also grieving the loss of a loved one.