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Stress-Free Way of Finding the Right Funeral Home in Rockford, IL

Jan 14, 2020 | Blog Posts, Funeral Home in Rockford IL

Selecting a funeral home in Rockford IL that is professional, knowledgeable, caring, and who will listen to your input, is important to you and your family. A reputable funeral home will provide much-needed support during a time of need, and help create a service that truly honors a person’s life and legacy.

We have prepared this essential checklist to help you find and choose a funeral home that best meets your needs. We have also summarized each step into a helpful infographic that you can save to one of your Pinterest boards or share on social media.

STEP 1: Determine Your Criteria for Choosing a Funeral Home

There are some important issues to consider before you begin your search for a funeral home in Rockford, IL.  Ask yourself:

  • What city or town will the funeral take place in? (This will narrow your search parameters).
  • Do I want to be buried? If yes, do I want to only work with a funeral home that operates its own cemetery?
  • Do I want to be cremated?  If yes, do I only work with a funeral home that operates its own crematorium?
  • Do I want to only work with funeral homes that have a particular religious or cultural affiliation?
  • Do I prefer to work with an independently owned funeral home instead of a corporation owned home?
  • Do I only want to work with a full-service funeral home?

STEP 2: Create a Table to Track Your Research Findings

Create a table that you can use to keep track of the information that you find during your research efforts.

STEP 3: Research Funeral Homes

There are several methods for finding reputable funeral homes:

  • Search Online:  In our digital age, this is the most common method for researching funeral home in Rockford, IL.  You can learn a lot by browsing a funeral home’s website and educational content.  You should be able to find the answers to many of the questions posed in Step 1 (above).
  • Phone Professional Funeral Associations:  Professional associations usually require their members to adhere to a strict code of conduct.  Ask the funeral association for a list of active members (if they don’t have this list on their website).
  • Ask for Recommendations:  Ask family and friends if they know of a funeral home that they are confident recommending.

STEP 4:  Schedule an Initial Consultation at the Funeral Home

Review the table of information that you have completed.  Decided which funeral home (or homes) is the best fit for you and your family’s needs. Call the funeral home in Rockford, IL to schedule an initial consultation.  It is best to visit the home in person so that you can tour the facilities to ensure that they are clean and adequately sized.

STEP 5:  Gather Necessary Information, Documents, and Personal Items

Before your appointment with the funeral home or homes, find the documents that the funeral home will need from you in order to complete the necessary legal paperwork:

  • Deceased’s Birth Certificate.
  • Deceased’s Marriage Certificate.
  • Deceased’s Military Discharge papers (if applicable).
  • Deceased’s Last Will and Testament and any Codicils (if available).
  • Deceased’s Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (if available).
  • Revocable Living Trust (if applicable).
  • Deceased’s funeral pre-arrangements documents (if available).


I have been working in the funeral industry since 1992. Before receiving my license, I worked with my father for 8 years at our local funeral home. He taught me the importance of serving families with dignity and respect. It is not just a business, it is a calling.


Respectful, quality service means attention to detail, affordable funeral options, and exceptional locations to honor your loved one. I am available to my families before, during, and after the services.


Funerals do not need to be expensive. Families should not suffer financially while also grieving the loss of a loved one.